The difference between church work and the work of the church.

Rev. Robert Linthicum makes a distinction between church work and the work of the church.

Church work is all the work that is done around the church building and the church office. There are many tasks that go into preparing for the worship service, for the religious education classes. There are many chores that must be done to keep the building clean, maintained, and safe. These tasks are not always easy, and they are important. They are meant to help build up the church community, make services possible, and enable ministry.

But the work of the church is about the Kingdom: a kingdom of love, justice, and peace. We are called to learn about the Kingdom of God, to celebrate that Kingdom, and to proclaim and build that Kingdom. We are sent into the world to make that Kingdom as present as much as we can on earth. One of the temptations of the church is to remain busy with all the church work and never get to the work of the church. We need to remember that the church work is to prepare us for the work of the church.

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